Monday, March 29, 2010


Who is Coco? Coco is my puppy, 3 month old schnoodle.

This blog will have things about Coco once a while thats why i call it Ralph and Coco, but most of the stuff will be my stuff... I will post up some of Coco's pic later on.

Working Life...

It's true why most people (including our parents) say that schooling times are the best... When we were studying, we always think that working is so relaxing and enjoyable coz you get to do smth you like and get paid for it. Finally i'm out in the working world and everything seems different from what i imagined years ago.

My 1st job after graduating was as a kitchen helper in a huge Singapore company canteen, working for my aunt. It was not easy, totally different from what i study in uni (science=kitchen... hmmm... nah...). When i say "Huge", i means really HUGE! Walking into the kitchen i was "Wow-ed". 6 Commercial stoves (those big ones), 3 commercial gas rice cooker and lots of tables for the preparation of food, all smack in one kitchen the size of a basketball court.

At the front stand where the food are sold (about 20m long), we have economy rice, noodle, Japanese food, fruits and beverages section. Everyday there's also an additional special food on the menu ranging from Penang char koay teow to hainan chicken rice.

Ok... enough about the kitchen. I was told to follow one of the kitchen helper who surprisingly was young adult like me from China, his name was "Ah Long" (not the loan shark :P). My 1st task assigned to me was to cut all the fresh vegetables from the fridge for lunch. The first thing that hit my mind was, "easy la... i've always prep my own meal when i was studying in uni". *smack myself on the head* what a naive dude i was... Ah Long poured 50 over cucumbers on the table top and say "lets cut these", my jaw dropped and my legs weakened. I picked up a knife and start cutting as instructed and by the time i finished one cucumber, Ah Long was already at his 5th. The way he chop up those cucumber was... man~ 10 slice per second. I felt so "noob" at that time. On top of that, i cut my fingers 4 times in less than an hour. Those knives were... uh... sharp as hell (i think ah long sharpen it everyday). In 4 hours we prepared enough vegetables to feed 500 people... *pad myself at the back*

Wooo... Lunch time! Dang.. not my lunch time. Its the company's employees lunch time! For the first time i'm in the shoes of the person standing on the other side of the counter. Taking orders, serving and taking payment was no easy job. I was told to be the cashier coz i serve too slow. At that time, noone knew that I haven't done math (basic math) for a very long time. My eyes, brain and fingers had to work at the same time to cope with the enormous number for people paying for their food. This particular cash machine is responsible for the economy rice, special orders and noodles... so... try to imagine how chaotic it was.

Throughout my short time working in this kitchen, i've learned a lot. I did everything from serving to washing except cooking (thou, i did cooked rice). It was tiring everyday working from 7am till 9pm but it was fun... Never tot i would enjoy it but i did. Working is really not as easy as it seems... the money we get are hard earned money.

Now my new job is all Science stuff. Entirely different type of science from what i major in but it's also very interesting. I just hope that this company get moving faster so i can do some work instead of just reading everyday.


Going NUTS!!!

AAAArgh!!!! Die~ Die~ Die~ Die Blog!

Now i only know blogging is so bloody darn complicated... Just changing the template itself is already making me frustrated. Can almost make me quit blogging before I even start. I think I'll stick to a simple template for now and work my way to a more complicated one.

2 years since i last posted anything and i couldn't remember why i started blogging and why i stopped after my first post. I guess I just bored outta my mind.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Starting my 1st blog!!

Hmmm.... No idea why i wanna start a blog. Maybe just coz i see every1 has one and always talking about other people's blog, about how interesting and amusing their blogs are. Maybe some1 out there could explain to me in detail wat blogging is all about.

For those viewing this blog, I'm Ralph Ong. So just call me Ralph. I'm just an ordinary guy who loves to socialize around and has a great sense of humour (I think so :p ... I've gotta double check with my frenz thou). I'm a country boy who lived out of modern civilization for the 1st 5yrs of his life, climbed many tree (fell from some of them as well) and also chased many chickens and ducks. Much to tell about myself but i guess everyone will find out eventually after reading this blog.

Lets the journey of this blog begins...